The Morrich Project

The Morrich Project is a choreographic research project that reflects on human intervention within a remote landscape in the far North of Scotland. The work has been developed in collaboration with artists Penny Chivas, Saffy Setohy, Nicolette Macleod and Robbie Synge. Between 2019 and 2022, Julia and her collaborators investigated artistic responses to the landscape of Morrich More through movement, experimental sound and film, working both outdoors and indoors.

Morrich More is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation for protected species of flora and fauna.
It also forms part of Tain Air Weapons range – a live fire MOD site. Access to the Morrich is restricted when the red flags are flying – they signal that the ‘Danger Area’ must not be entered. As both an area of safety for wildlife and a practice war zone, the Morrich is a complex and fascinating place.

By developing this work in the remote Highland community where she lives, Julia has brought artists and audiences together, making space for conversation and engaging with people locally.

The Morrich Project was funded by Creative Scotland Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development and supported through the The Work Room, Tramway, Dance North Scotland & Citymoves Moving Out Partnership 2020.