The Bog Blanket

The Bog Blanket is a dance and puppetry solo inspired by the landscape and wildlife of the Flow Country in Caithness and Sutherland.  The solo was originally commissioned in 2021 for What Moves You?CIC in partnership with Lyth Arts Centre. It features original music by composer Quee MacArthur and eclectic costume by eco-designer Mona Kastell.  During 2022, Julia has performed The Bog Blanket at the WE Want Health Festival in Thurso, at Belladrum, and at Orkney Climate Festival.  She has also been invited to present the work at the UHI Flow Country Research Conference in October 2022.

In the work Julia explores elements of the natural environment of the Flow Country: the tussocky hummocks of grasses, heather and moss that are found in bog pools; the rivulets of water trickling through the peatland; the land shifting, changing, vibrating.  And she also reflects on her emotional response to walking through this landscape and facing challenges and finding joy along the way.