Youth Dance

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In 2017, Julia secured funding from the Scotrail Cultural and Arts fund to work with young dancers in Easter Ross towards the creation of a site-specific dance film at local train stations. During weekend rehearsals from August to October, Julia choreographed movement based on the dancers experiences and memories of travelling on trains. And in early November she collaborated with choreographer and filmmaker, Robbie Synge, to produce “Two” in which the dancers explore the stations at Culrain and Ardgay, and dance in the grounds of
Carbisdale Castle.

Click here to view “Two”

Funded by the Highland Youth Arts Hub and with support from Tain Active Schools, Tain Youth Dance group met for weekly dance sessions with Julia during throughout 2016 to learn contemporary dance technique and choreography skills.

In collaboration with choreographer and filmmaker Robbie Synge, young people from Tain Youth Dance were involved in making a dance film, on the beach at Inver in Easter Ross, Highland. The film uses the music from the Big Dance Pledge 2016 by Nitin Sawhney and was filmed on Friday 20th May to celebrate Big Dance.