Interactive Experiments

Julia has been collaborating with the brilliant folks at SOAR Youth Projects in researching a new interactive performance project. The research is happening in experimental workshops at Ardross Hall and through visits to SOAR playscheme.


The aim of the project is to discover new ideas for making a new interactive show; the workshops involve lots of playing with props and encouraging young people to move and explore in their own way. Julia is working with musician Quee MacArthur – some workshops will have live music – and filmmaker, Robbie Synge, will be involved in documenting the workshops and being an outside eye to help inform how we make the performance and creating a record of what happens over the course of the project. To visit the project blog click here.

On Saturday 6th May, ‘Interactive Experiments’ will be part of the Voluntary Arts “Mind & Body” Festival. Our workshop at Ardross Hall is part of the Mind and Body art-science theme and supported by the Fun Palaces campaign.

Julia has been awarded the Janice Parker Projects Artist bursary to support this project with funding from the Saltire Society.

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